August: Faith and Fitness Challenge

Hello Faith Family!!!
1 Thessalonians 5:11
Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 
Please join us for 31 days of Faith and Fitness beginning August 1. Our goal is to ignite our faith and prepare our physical bodies in 31 days. Faith added to fitness gives you the power to look pass your “I can’t” and power into your I can.
A daily workout schedule and meal plan will be provided. We are asking that you eat healthy meals during the 31 days.
We are asking you to please do the following:
1. Please post a Day 1 picture.
2. Please post a faith scripture daily. 
3. Please post your daily  workout results.  
Please post these on my Facebook Page “Sistas With Conquering Faith” and/or my Instagram page @nakkiarapp. Please feel free to follow and like my page to see my story.
I look forward to you taking this journey with me!
Blessings and Grace,

Nakkia Rapp


Faith and Fitness 

Good Morning 

We’re starting our Faith and Fitness session on August 1, 2017. If you would like to join us come on over to Nakkia Rapp on instagram to get started. We’re do excited about this new beginning phase in our group until we are sharing with all our sisters to get them motivated. 

10 Ways to Seek God in the Morning 

Good Morning,
1.Listen to a passage of scripture. Many of the Bible apps in the app store will read to you!
2. Read one Psalm a day.
3. Read a short passage from a reading plan.
4. Read a devotional from an online app.
5. Sign up for any of my devotional series.
6. Begin in Genesis or Matthew. Read one chapter a day.
7. Spend time praying through a list of people in your life.
8. Listen to praise and worship music as you fix breakfast.
9. Keep a card with a verse on your mirror as you get ready in the morning and recite it each day.
10. Journal a prayer or write one verse from the Bible as you sip your coffee. (Keep reading for a PERFECT resource for this one!!)
Blessings and Grace

Birthing to Blessed

Good Night, 

While getting ready to end your day may the Lord direct your steps. In the last trimester you must push until everything you are praying for manifest in your spirit. The pain that you are feeling at this very moment is preparing you for the greatest blessing of your life. 
You maybe experiencing an unusual symptom in this pregnancy just keep drawing closer to God’s word. The birth canal may seem blocked where the doctor just informed you are about to have a csection. But your faith just kicked in with the Holy Spirit covering you and the birth canal opened immediately. You just whaled into the highest praise of your delivery because God spoke and showed himself in your situation. The placenta has been removed from your body which is an indication that all your burdens was just thrown away. Now if you can see this revelation in the spirit when the placenta is removed their is no way it can return in your life. So I’m going to pause while you shout for a moment….. I’m back telling you dont you pick that situation back up that was in your first trimester it has now been destroyed so that you can live a life of abundance. The second trimester came with folks speaking over your life saying you cannot accomplish your dreams. Well those words have  been suctions up and placed in the hazardous bucket and no longer can touch you emotionally or mentally. 

The nurse just handed you the seed from your delivery now is the time to run with it and watch it grow. The water thats going to nourish your seed is coming from the spring well with your name on it …. shout for the blessing to come …. praise him because the blessing is on the way…
Blessings and Grace,

Nakkia Rapp

Be Still

Good Morning,

Have you been still enough for the Holy Spirit to minister to you? This morning the word was be still and don’t move in this season. Trust me that I’m providing for you and our relationship means a lot to me.
Blessings and Grace

Day 8

​Good Evening,

Isaiah 60:20

Your sun will never set again, and your moon will wane no more; the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end.

We thank you for allowing the sun to rise on our day with rays of glory. We thank you for the light that shines from the sun that leads us in the direction to follow. 

When we wane in your presence we decrease in flesh so that your Holy Spirit can gain power. We crucify our flesh daily so that our spiritual being can be lead to follow your light.

We understand as we part from one another we gain love and memories. We have learned to cast all our cares and burden upon you Father. Lead us and comfort us when the door of sorrow is faced before by counseling our soul. We ask for your peace to overshadow us every minute we yearn to see you.

We give you continous thanks for every minute our family in together in unconditional love. We give thanks for every time you breathe life into his nostril and let your name be glorified. We give thanks for gathering in one accord to strengthen and cover each other in prayer. 

For we worship and praise you with adoration and glory in our hearts. 

In Jesus name we pray.