Weight Loss Update


Today was a bitter sweet day my first appointment with my Endocronilogist.

The nurse said let me weigh you I became nerves to find out I lost 13 lbs. I said thank you Lord for giving me the strength to press forward.

Then i went in to meet the Endocronilogist  and he stated from my blood work your a Type 2 diabetic. He stated looking at your body frame the steroids is a major problem  unfortunately I need the steroid to control my inflammation.

Next Wednesday im attending my first class on diabetes so this should aid in my weight loss.

I’m walking and watching my food and sugar intake. I plan to stay encourage through this journey.

Blessings and Grace

One comment

  1. Renisha Oubre · February 9, 2016

    What an inspiration!! Keep on your journey with GOD and all will fall into place!
    Thanks for your testimony Sister!!!


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